Digital Marketing Footprint 

A huge 3 major avenues we covered off in our huge 2.5hr session

  • Accountability with Digital Checklists
  • Your next 4wks of Facebook Marketing
  • The Instagram Diamond Advantage

Firstly, we had several checklists on social media channels to take everyone through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, Youtube, etc. It's really important that everyone ticks these all off.

Secondly, we directly implement your next marketing plan. We rolled our sleeves up and did the complete work for you to implement the very next day. The simple fortnightly framework for epic Digital growth in your Facebook marketing.

Thirdly, we unleashed The Instagram Diamond Advantage - your fortnightly repurposed marketing plan. Best of all, it takes ONLY 5mins each fortnight.  Yes, you read that right. A huge session of implementation.  Simple. Structured and huge value to every Allied Health Business