Onboarding Team Members Template

General Contract Agreement

HR Letter of Engagement

Letter of Engagement

Need to hire someone in your allied health business? Do it the right way, the first time. (Don’t hire anyone before you get your hands on those HR documents).

Hired someone in the past? Did they sign a contract? Did it contain these main points?

This contract of employment covers the necessary agreements and considerations in hiring a new Contractor or Employee in Allied Health in Australia. It covers nature of employment, wages, superannuation, probationary period, confidential Information as well as termination etc. Just plug and play the numbers (which are in red) and you are ready to go.

Sample Lesson 1

Sample Lesson 1

You've heard of Playing Above the Line and you often like to say that you do, but looking at yourself in brutal honestly...do you? And more so, how does that effect your team and those around you? And finally, how do you train your team on 'Above & Below The Line' and move people from Blame, Excuse and Denial with Management Skills, into actually playing Above The Line and harnessing you Leadership traits.