Financial Controlling

Financial Controlling 

Understanding financials is critical to any business owner's success. It's not just a matter of going to your accountant at the end of the financial year.

It's also more than just having your FMF done and being able to know your bookkeeper has your profit and loss up to date.

There are avenues that aren't regularly reviewed by business owners that are critical to be across and understand at all times. Further, we are rapidly approaching the End of Financial Year (EOFY) and now is the time to act.I'm going to dive into fine tuning your financials.

Preparing for the end of financial year. Getting out dashboards up to date and, most importantly, reading the signs and knowing what to do next with the information that you have at your hands.It is literally a period that can make you or save you, tens of thousands of dollars ,so it's critically important you get these done right now and you get it right now.

FMF Dashboard

FMF Dashboard

The FMF Dashboard is the pinnacle of financial test & measure for any successful Allied Health business.

The Financial Mastery Formula™ was devised many years ago by Jason as the ultimate way to test & measure the most important 8 dials in your business.

The FMF Dashboard is a dynamic Google Sheets document that can be accessed on the attachments below.

Take note that there are 3 documents.
Document 1 = is for teams that have practitioner numbers of up to 10 practitioners
Document 2 = is for teams that have practitioner numbers of up to 20 practitioners
Document 3 = is for teams that have practitioner numbers of up to 50 practitioners

Please open and use the document that’s suited to your team and the number of practitioners that you have in your team. Grab the appropriate sheet and save your own copy from the attached templates.

Before accessing the link, please watch the video directly below this wording so that you can find out the best way to quickly and easily access your own modifiable version for your own health business without compromising the template for others.

Again, please watch the quick video below first of all and then download the table below. There will also be a walkthrough video on how to use the FMF dashboard on the membership site and inside the Kaizen tribe closed Facebook page.