Digital Footprint Instagram Deep Dive

Digital Footprint - Instagram Deep Dive

The next step in ensuring our digital footprint is visible, gaining traction and engagement, and improving our authority is to make sure we have Instagram is set-up.

Most people already have Instagram accounts, but it's not set up as it needs to be. It needs to be optimised in the right way to make sure that every post is a winner and to make sure that everything is modified and in place.

As always, the set up of these avenues is the most important because we must have the strong foundations in place for us to then build on.  

Digital Footprint Audit And Setup

Digital Footprint Audit And Setup

Everyone needs to improve their digital footprint.

The first step is to complete a quick and effective digital footprint audit, identify the gaps, plug the holes, and accelerate into blue oceans ahead with an authority that no one else can match.

We have a lot to get through.

First, it's the audit, and secondly, it's taking the first steps forward to improving your visibility in both areas we discussed during the conference. We will be diving into the models and structure around Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, and discussing SEO, voice, ads and Google.

This is about identifying the logical next steps for your own business and team and taking the immediate action steps as this is a long-term, several month project for everyone but we must start with the right steps.

It's time for us to rip in and get the work done now so that everyone can have a huge few months ahead in improving their visibility, driving that momentum and ensuring authority builds to a level that competitors can't compete with.