Trello Tutorial

This video is a complete step by step, short walk-through of a refresher for Trello of exactly which buttons to press to have tasks scheduled, repeatable tasks actioned and itemised on certain team members’ diaries.

This video shows you how to link to your systems, training, mentoring, onboarding and hiring systems etc; and also shows how to set up daily and weekly task for all team members to enable your business to work smoothly and systemised without the business owner’s stress of remembering everything all the time.

We’ve done another very easy step by step walk-through for Trello so that anyone who’s doing it themselves and needs assistance can grab it straight away and implement it.

Time Stamps:
00:40 - Getting to know the board
01:18 - How to invite trello users
01:43 - Changing board color
02:10 - Adding a board
02:57 - Lists
03:26 - Adding a card
04:25 - Editing card details
05:05 - Adding card checklists
06:05 - Archiving and Retrieving
06:55 - Adding a team member into a card
07:55 - Adding due dates
09:15 - Moving and Copying lists and cards