Team Utilisation and KPI's Part 1

Team utilisation is a critical factor for any health business ⁠— to be able to grow in a controlled and efficient manner.

Having the right KPIs in place, enables a business owner or manager to better navigate all practitioners in the weeks and months ahead.

It's like being the captain of a ship. You need to be able to not only have a clear destination ahead and be able to navigate and lead the team through storms and challenging weather, but it's imperative that all of the crew on the boat understand exactly what their role is and most importantly, how they can be more efficient at their role for the most effective and efficient progression of the ship.

Some people also have incentives or bonuses in place which predominantly aren't tied to anything formal, or if they are, they are quite loose and poorly structured, which ultimately leads to the business owner and therapist being unsure as to what the next steps are for them to be able to progress themselves professionally and in their career within the business they are working in.

This session is all about improving the efficiency of practitioners in the health business. It's also about the formulation of KPIs and the way in which we can approach the team to have this brought into the business, and ultimately, ensure that the business grows with a sense of calm, stability, and clarity for everyone involved.