Dollars & Numbers

We all know how important the FMF is for your Allied Health business and how imperative it is to have financial mastery and to know your numbers in business.

Well, here comes the exact session you need right now. In this session, we will break down and answer every question you have regarding how to efficiently, effectively, and most of all, accurately, get each of the 8 numbers out of your business and into the FMF Dashboard. We will clear up any ambiguities you have around obtaining clean and accurate data to ensure you can get this simply and quickly each and every week.

In addition, you’ll see how important gross profit (Kaizen gross profit percentage) is for your Allied Health business. It’s a slight change that we have synchronised with one of our two sets of accountants this week and we will unveil and show you how you can efficiently and effectively make this small change in your financial reporting and create a massive amount of forward growth with more accurate and relevant data.

We are also building this out so that it is streamlined for your team to have this completed, rather than the businessowner each week. This will mean that everything can be clearly and succinctly completed by your VA or admin team members to further improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business, and most of all, give you as the businessowner, power to understand your numbers and make the right decisions moving forward based on fact and not just guesswork.

Here is an approximate start and finish timestamp for each section based on the following areas:

Introduction to FMF – 00:06:65-00:16:45

FMF Dashboard explanation – 00:16:45-19:08

Starting points – 00:19:27-00:23:00

Leads/Conversion – 00:23:00-00:33:00

Ave $ sale - 00:33.01-00:49:06

Total consults - 00:49:07-00:52:35

Utilisation - 00:52:37-01:03:26

SPEC – 01:03:28-01:21:20

Cancellations - 01:21:21-01:28:48

Profit - 01:28:49-02:03:00