Patient Loyalty Lists and Data Analysis

This video is a hot seat analysis where Jason delves deeper into the loyalty lists and classification of A,
B, C and D class clients within the TailoredHealth database. It is a follow-on video from the previously
cut live version called “Loyalty Lists and Database Analysis with How to Classify Clients”. This video
delves much more deeply into not only the categorisation of clients, but also how the process occurred
and further analysis of data such as identification of the best referral channels and also the clients that
have gone on to refer other clients and the overall lifetime value they have already brought to
TailoredHealth in a very short period of time.

If you want to see how quick and easy this process can be for your own business, then make sure you
watch the first video, followed by this video and you’ll have everything you need to replicate this
fantastic strategy in your own business.