GKG Utilisations Template

Team members utilisation is one of the most critical aspects in regards to managing and leading a team effectively. It is not simply good enough for someone to feel that they are busy, but it is our job as managers and leaders to ensure that everything is accurately measured so that the most amount of time is spent in their genius mode and in money-making activities for the business. After all, we are in the business of health.

This Utilisation Template can be adapted for each team member and clearly breaks down some of the major avenues of workload that they complete. Obviously, it can be modified if required for your own individual business, but allows an easy area to be identified with details inserted and having a clear breakdown of the hours involved and a time allocation as a percentage to be attributed. It is always very interesting and powerful to know the percentage of time on task that many team members actually spend. This will help you to identify periods of down time with team members as well as better understanding patches of time that are potentially wasted and tasks that could easily be utilised more effectively and at cheaper rates by people such as admin staff completing some of these roles and not a more highly costing team member to the business.

Utilisation sheets are also very powerful to clearly articulate team members the breakdown of their workload to make them realise that utilisation and test and measure metrics against their own individual performance have been clearly broken down with accurate measures of travel, meetings, phone calls, etc. already calculated into the framework before numbers and percentages regarding their utilisation rate and retention have been calculated. This is a critical factor to ensure that excuses and below the line behaviour are prevented from being utilised by any team member when everything is clearly laid out and explained in front of them. Accountability is always the key to success with team members and these types of utilisation sheets are one very clear example of maximising workplace efficiency from all team members.